Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson
4930 Southport Crossing Place, Indianapolis, IN 46237

(317) 885 5180

Battle Bikes Tournament

JULY 27th At Southside Harley-Davidson

Can YOUR BIKE Back Up Your Ego?! 

The whole damn city is going to find out who's bike is the BADDEST of the bad in this head-to-head competition designed to test your skills and your bike's performance!

Any make. Any model. 

Compete by bike class and advance through the brackets. Will you be the last rider standing?

Winner receives an awesome prize and (most important)... 


*NOTE: Both PARTICIPANTS & SPECTATORS have a chance to win awesome prizes! See details below.



NOTE: Both PARTICIPANTS & SPECTATORS have a chance to win awesome prizes! See details below.

*Details for this event are currently being finalized and are subject to change. Once registered, you will receive notification of any updates, changes, or additional information regarding this event.


*IMPORTANT* ALL Competitors *MUST* have motorcycles on-site and checked in by 10:00am.

9:00am - 10:00am: On-Site Registration/Pre-Registered Check-in

10:00am - 10:15am: ALL participants *MUST* be checked in with bikes staged in designated area

10:15am - 11:00am: Spectator voting

11:15am - 4:15pm: Battle Bikes Competition

How It Works


*Anyone wishing to participate in this event must pre-register via online form any time leading up to the event. On-site registration will be open for a limited time only on event day.

  • Bikes will be categorized by classes:

    • Baggers

    • Sportbikes

    • Open/Other

      and “heats” will be conducted within these classes.

  • There will be 3 runs per heat, with the first two treated as practice/trial runs to allow participants to “feel out” the equipment, become familiar with the tree light-pattern, etc. The third run determines who advances to the next round.

  • The tournament is “bracket style” and there will be one (1) winner from EACH class.

* ALL participants will be expected and required to abide by the rules and safety standards as set forth by All Out Dyno Drags (equipment facilitator, race judge/expert/announcer). What they say goes. All decisions made by All Out Dyno Drags, Southside Harley and Horsepower Inc. are FINAL.

* Violation of conduct and/or safety expectations, regulations, or unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for disqualification.


*Those attending the event as spectators will have the chance to win a prize for predicting the winners from each class.

  • Upon arrival, spectators wishing to vote- and enter for a chance to win- will register at the “registration table,” and will be given 3 tickets. Each ticket will have a different color, each color associated with a specific class of motorcycle.

  • Spectators will have a time window of approximately 1 hour to inspect the bikes- entered in the competition and cast their vote for each class by placing their tickets(s) in the bucket of the bike(s) they predict will win. 

  • In total, spectators will cast three (3) votes- one for each class.

  • When the tournament concludes, the bucket from each class’ winning motorcycle will be combined into one bucket, from which one (1) ticket will be drawn by random. That tickets registered owner will win the “Spectator’s Prize.”

* Spectators have a chance to earn up to 3 entries into the final drawing by predicting and voting for the correct winning bike from each class (ex. One correct prediction = one entry, three correct predictions = three entries). The more correct predictions you have, the higher your chances are to win.

Prizes (5 total)

  • GRAND PRIZE WINNERS (3) - One winner from each class based on “last man standing” bracket-style tournament:

  1. Bagger Class Tournament Winner

  2. Sport Bike Class Tournament Winner

  3. Open/Other Class Tournament Winner

  • OVERALL FASTEST REACTION TIME (1) - all participants eligible to win, regardless of elimination status.

  • SPECTATORS PRIZE (1) - Spectators are entered for random drawing upon correctly predicting tournament bike class outcomes.

Other Event Activities

  • Music

  • Food

  • Giveaways