Theft Protection


Did you know, a motorcycle is stolen every 9.4 minutes in the U.S.?

The NEW Harley-Davidson® Theft Protection Product protects you and your assets by deterring theft, aiding in recovery and, if necessary, helping you purchase a replacement motorcycle. It’s available on new or pre-owned H-D® motorcycles and is fully transferable if you sell your bike to a private party. It’s a small price to pay for the added peace of mind.

DataDot™ Technology is an innovative security marking system. Each 1mm sized DataDot™ has unique information etched into its surface. Each kit has its own unique code including an identification number and Safe-Guard's 800 number. 500 DataDots™ are mixed with a UV/Blacklight sensitive adhesive that can be applied to any surface for permanent identification and marking. They are simple to apply and are recommended by police and insurance companies.

If you have questions, contact Greg Young - F&I Business Manager Email or call: 317-885-5180