Wheel Protection At Indianapolis Southside Harley-Davidson

Wheel & Tire Protection


Protect the parts that keep you rolling.  With H-D Tire & Wheel Protection, you'll save on out-of-pocket repair costs caused by road hazards.  


  • Coverage - H-D Tire & Wheel Protection will pay to repair or replace your tires and/or wheels if damanged due to contact with road hazard.  This includes mounting, balancing, inner tubes, valve stems, labor and taxes.*
  • $0 Deductible - There is no deductible for covered repairs with this protection, and no additonal exlclusions for damages from roadway contruction zones.
  • Nationwide Harley-Davidson Repair Location Assistance - We're ready to assit when a breakdown occurs.  The H-D Service Center will direct you to the nearest H-D dealer for repairs.
  • The Only H-D Tire & Wheel Protection - All repairs performed at your H-D dealership.
  • Transfer Your Contract - If you sell your motorcycle, you can transfer your protection to the next owner for a $25 fee.  This is an excellent way to increase your motorcycle's resale value!*

Expense Reimbursement:

  • Rental Reimbursement - H-D will reimburse from $50 per day to $500 for rental vehicle charges when a covered failure occurs.*
  • Travel/Lodging Reimbursement - H-D will reimburse you for meals and lodging up to $100 per day to a maxiumum of $300 per occurrence in case your trip is interrupted by a covered failure and you're 100 miles away from home.*
  • Towing Reimbursement - H-D will reimburse you for up to $150 per occurrance to help get you to a Harley-Davidson dealer.*

For a list of frequently asked questions, download the H-D Tire & Wheel brochure.

Call (317) 885-5180 or contact us today about purchasing this valuable protection!


*Please refer to the contract for specific coverage, exclusions and restrictions.