Our History

Our History


George Schulteti’s relationship with Harley-Davidson® Motor Company began in 1922 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At that time, he was the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson® bicycle, and when he couldn’t find a replacement part at a local dealer, he went directly to the H-D® factory. 

To his dismay, the plant’s guard told him he would have to go to a dealership to get the part. Showing the determination that would become his trademark in future years, George would not accept “no” for an answer. One of the company’s founders, William A. Davidson, heard the spirited discussion from a nearby office and not only provided Schulteti with the part but also a promise. Davidson told him that if he ever wanted a job, he could have it. Two days later, 16-year-old George Schulteti took him up on the offer and was hired to sweep the floors of the factory. 

His intense love for cycling and excellent mechanical abilities allowed him to excel with Harley-Davidson Motor Company as a service technician and as part of the research and development team. He was also one of their most competent test riders.

While he enjoyed his work at the factory, George had greater dreams for himself and his family. He was determined to become a Harley-Davidson dealer. To this end, he patiently and diligently saved his money. And he waited for the right opportunity. 

During World War II, George was assigned to inventory all the Harley-Davidson motorcycles in military service. In the process, he rode more than 50,000 miles per year. On one of these business trips, George met Max Colville, a dealer in a small town in Illinois. After realizing that they both shared the same dream, George and Max decided to take action.

After working at the Harley-Davidson factory for 25 years, George realized his dream when he and Max pooled their resources and purchased John Morgan Harley-Davidson, an existing dealership in Indianapolis since 1919.

In October of 1947, they took ownership of the business.


His wife, Ann, joined George as the office manager and worked the parts counter when needed. George moved his family into one of the apartments above the dealership at 701 So. Meridian Street. Several years later, Max Colville sold his share of the business to George, making the dealership completely family-owned and operated. The Schulteti family welcomed customers to the original location for the next five decades.

In 1997, Harley-Davidson® Motor Company approached the Schulteti family with a new plan that would even out the distribution of dealerships in the area. The family began to scout a new location for their dealership that would greatly expand their business and leave room to grow. At the time, they had only 17 employees, but by the time they moved to their new location in 1998, the number of employees had risen to 32. Since the move, several additions have been made to the facility to enlarge the service and storage areas.

Southside Harley-Davidson's goal is to satisfy every customer that walks through the doors. The Schulteti family takes great pride in knowing that their customers have grown accustomed to becoming part of their extended family. Many of their loyal customers are second, third, fourth, and even fifth-generation Harley-Davidson® motorcycle owners.

The dealership has seen many customers, two locations, and five generations of family working in the business over the last seven and a half decades. 

The Southside Harley family has provided that special touch that only comes from passion, focus, and dedication to the business and their devoted customers. 

They are proud to carry on the tradition of serving Harley-Davidson® riders and continuing to support the lifestyle, the sport, and the adventure of motorcycling. 

Southside Harley-Davidson is celebrating 75 years in business on Saturday, September 17, 2022.